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hey that was pretty good

was amazing how you did a movie about god and didn't just go and mock christions which earns you a 10 on style! the music and animation and graphics reminded me of old bugs bunny cartoons which was pretty cool. over all 9/10 good job! -neon

pretty good

you'll probably always be the best at storys. hey -xXx-Guardian-xXx- if his movies suck then why is he the months king of the portal over and over again? oh hey yeah i was also wondering if you did have XBOX Live what is your gamer tag? email me and tell me if you have one (or just reply to this). and as for the movies goes... it was pretty good its good that you mix violence and story together. i cant wait for Jeckle to see how you do at lip syncing. i really want you to take your work to the next level!


i must admit you have potential. but you need to work on somethings.. that 3D thing was a bit corney and the music was bad cause it cut out.. im guessing you used a lupe. another thing is that you should try and come up with an actual story! if you dont make a story to go with it then at least make it have fast paced bloody action! keep at it and take my advise.


wow the violence was realy good in this movie. your fight scenes were really good too. i notice that you're using new (and better sound effects too) its a big improvment from your other submissions. AND! it made me laugh alittle. im giving the interactivity a 1 cause it has a play button... heheh. Good Job Man! you're finaly proving! although i think the smart thing to do to get you noticed more is to move away from blob characters as much as people like seeing them. oh yeah...... FINISH JECKLE!

two words

holy crap.... thats all i have to say


i was gonna make a spider man clay movie... you did it better anyway good job, though i think your original movies are better this one was pretty funny. you're awesome. cant wait for jeckle


the fact that the animation sucked really bad was partly why i though it was so freaking funny. the voice overs and and stupid story were the other half.


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