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over and over and over it goes where it stops.. oh wait it never stops... its.... hypnotizing.... its funny how true it is though.. with all the hatefull people on newgrounds.
strange but good job i guess.

EvilBerryClock responds:

thanks for the review


i saw the real video last friday on ebaumsworld! amazing how you can adapt something like that into an animation in just a few days lol! good job.

lol... just lol

shoey the f'n shoe lol... that was great. good job lol.

heh heh nice..

Awesome, well animated and even better drawn, great voiceacting, and story was really really good too.
I noticed that the guy that was like "help!" had an uncanny resemblance to Vegeta.
(i dunno if that was intentional or not but it gives you a 2 in humor)

Really nice! Good job!...........One last thing....... MAKE A SEQUEL!!!
I wanna see what happens to that guy!!


nice movie....... really really nice. the fights played out well. i loved how you blended the matrix soundtracks with the metal gear solid 3 soundtrack so well it sounded like only one song was playing. that was a nice touch. over a really nice submission. good job.


This is the best piece of crap i have ever seen!!!! this should be on front page!!! excelent humor, great animation, perfect syncing with the sound, best violence ever, overall a 10!!!!!!! awesome i demand you made at least 5 movies a day for the rest of your life!!!!!!!! you are my favorite author!!! you sir are awesome! good job make more!

p.s. it was only good because it was made in my room...

deeezzz-nuuuts responds:

neonfox your just mad because your gay.
P.S. ha ha


really nice animation. i liked how you blended frame by frame with tweening.
it had a decent story too.
the music was really irritating but it still fit right in with the setting. i just dont like that kind of rock but it fit in just fine.
overall a really nice submission. good job. -neon


you spelled Hideo's name wrong! you typed Kotima! its Kojima! grrrrrrrrrrr! other then that spelling error it was a pretty funny movie. the "the" lol. but please if you're gonna give credit to the greatest directer on earth at least get his name right! but anyway good job. -neon

"look im a duck" haha!

i liked this one better then hotdog job. after the ending i was like "what the freakin heck!?" i think you should have animated the the guy smashing his friend's head into the piano. it was hard to tell he did it until the guy said it.
even though i dont laugh alot (even though this one i actually did) its kinda fun to see retarded claymen living out their pointless lives.
good job! -neon

ok heres the review

Graphics gets a 10 because thats the best stopmotion quality i've seen on newgrounds (probably because your digital camera) and i also liked the spark effect.

Style gets a 10 because you invented the blue blobs style.

Sound gets a 5... the sound was kind of annoying. your voice acting is a mixture of funny and irritating. your movies need a bit of music (maby short music clips here and there)

Violence gets a 7 because that was a pretty violent hotdog.

Interactivity gets a 1... it has a play button... nuff said.

Humor.....2 ehhh not so great you tend to drag on your jokes at the wrong times.

Overall a 7... good graphics, bad jokes, good violence, bad voices, well animated. good luck with new projects. -neon


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